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  • From the Author

    I'm in love with the storytellers...always have been, but I wasn't born a natural storyteller so I am probably the last person who would have imagined myself writing a book. I draw, for my kids mainly, and that transitioned into making birthday cakes. My daughter asked for a pirate themed birthday cake for her 11th birthday, had no idea that cake would be the beginning of one Captain Sofia Bonny Rose.

So, I started writing,

I wrote and wrote then deleted it all and started again, and again, and again. Until One fine day, something happened, I wrote a paragraph I really liked and that became the new beginning. From there something amazing happened, she came to life; in fact, characters seemingly started creating themselves in the most fantastic of ways. I'm not a natural storyteller but I had a story within me, and I had no idea until I sat down to see what would happen if I only tried. Captain Sofia Bonny Rose is real...as real as you and me, she lives in my imagination and her exploits go as far as my imagination can. I hope you enjoy her, her crew, and the world she explores and thrives in. I hope this causes you to think what's possible, maybe just maybe there are things you never thought to try because you didn't think you could.

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